The Municipal Agriculture Office is in the frontline of the delivery of basic agricultural and fishery services to the farming and fishing communities, ensure the utilization and access to resources in the production, processing, and marketing of agricultural and fishery products consistent with the principles of equitable and sustainable developments, increase their income and uplift the quality of their lives.


Dynamic progressive and peaceful rural communities thriving with a new breed of farmers and fishermen who are capable of producing sufficient, safety and healthy foods for the entire community and who do profitable business out of agriculture and fishery in a society characterized by freedom and equity.


The Municipal Agriculturist Office pursue the goals of attaining food security by providing assistance to our farmers and fishermen in making available the appropriate technology which will maximize productions through the provision of good quality seeds and planting materials fishing gears for fishermen and provision of Livelihood Programs.


We, the employees of the Municipal Agriculture Office committed to practice the highest possible quality service from Monday to Friday starting at 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Responsive to the needs of farmers, fisherfolk, stakeholders as well as the transacting public. Compliance with service standard as embodied under RA 9485 and the guiding principles of RA 6713.